sexta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2011

The IcecreamMist em Londres


Amo sorvete de qualquer jeito! Mas agora já pensou em ir numa sorveteria dark gay? Pois em Londres esse lugar existe e lá vou eu com meu amor para mais essa novidade...

Algumas informações sobre o local...
ttention chill-seekers! Feast on the fabulous and the frozen with our decadent kaleidoscope of mind-altering vice creams & guilty pleasures designed by our indefatigable master mixologist and her agents of cool: The Icecreamists. All our melt-in-your-mouth boutique ice creams are freshly made to closely guarded recipes created for your delectation. With an indulgent, smooth and sensual mouthfeel, our boutique ice creams deliver rich, intense flavours unlike anything you have experienced before. This is the scream of ice cream from the creators of the infamous ‘Sex Bomb’ (Stimulants) and ‘Baby GooGoo’ (Breast Milk) ice creams.

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Submerge yourself in a new world of oral gratification with our decadent kaleidoscope of mind-altering vice creams & guilty pleasures.www.theicecreamists.com
Informações gerais
A year after their successful Guerilla Ice Cream Installation at Selfridge's flagship London store, The Icecreamists have returned to liberate London with two Ice Cream Boutiques and a provocative 'Lick Your Addiction' campaign theme.
The Scream of Ice Cream
“This is THE place for brilliant ice creams.” Time Out Magazine
“It’s like Apocalypse Now with ice cream.”
“It tastes fantastic – breast is best!” The Evening Standard
“Home of the infamous Baby Gaga ice cream.” Time Magazine
“King of ice cream, master of controversy.” Evening Standard
“They’re scooping up headlines for their latest invention.” The Independent
“One from the chest freezer.” The Daily Mail
“The scream of the ice cream industry.” Chris Arnold, Maverick Brands
“Everyone is going gaga over Baby Gaga.” London The Inside
“Get a babysitter. The Icecreamists are back.” Tea Time in Wonderland
“The ice cream The Sex Pistols tried to ban.” BBC Radio One
“We want one!” Perez Hilton
“More Sid & Nancy than Ben & Jerry.” Selfridges
“Ditch the Ben & Jerry’s, this will get a lot more than your taste buds going.” Marie Claire
“Ice cream that’s set to sizzle.” Metro
“Rock & Roll Ice Cream.” ITV London Tonight
“Quite literally unbelievable.” View London
“Ice Cream like it’s never been done before.” The Luxury Channel
“Electric.” The Daily Telegraph
“Wow...” The Baltimore Sun
“Showstopping.” Celebrity Blogger Zoe Griffin
“The ultimate ice cream boutique.” ITV, Cool Edition
“Take our word for it: Not. To. Be. Missed.” Groupon City Guide

Boutique Ice Cream & Vice Cream Cocktails



Beijos da Alex:)

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